Bruce Lemer, was co-counsel in Canada's largest class action settlement  in the 1990s-settled in the 2000s on the Red Cross tainted blood  case  impacting thousands of people needing blood transfusions  click to  his Vancouver BC website Michael Mark, LLB in trial robes, for wills litigation and Charlotte Salomon, QC  lawyer for wills, incapacity planning and probate; click to the Victoria firms  lawyers dealing with wills disputes and probate Photos of Vancouver Canada Immigration Lawyers: Jeffrey Lowe, B.Comm.;  Robert C.Y. Leong, LLB (offices in Vancouver & Singapore) and Stan Leo, JD Saba Naqvi, JD, dual citizenship Canada & USA, business immigration lawyer in BC, and attorney in California - click for more info Bruce Harwood, MA LLB, business immigration lawyer, former with Gov't of Canada citizenship & immigration Probate & wills lawyers in Victoria, BC: Pat Bion, Michael O'Connor, QC & Nima Rohani Directory of Metro Vancouver lawyers click to Vancouver section Montreal downtown at nite photo - clck to Montreal immigration lawyers directory at Montreal immigration lawyer and Certified Immigration Speicalist immigration  lawyer in Toronto, fluent in English, Armenian, French and some Spanish, click to her Montreal  based website Toronto immigration lawyer, Jeremiah Eastman, office in Brampton, click to GTA immigration lawyers directory Victoria, BC - Paul G. Scambler, Q.C.Solicitor (Corporate Commercial, Real Estate, Wills, Estates And Trusts) Victoria, BC - Lorenzo Oss-Cech, LLB experienced personal injury lawyer for brain injuries, ICBC claims, pedestiran and motorcycle  injjuries, click to Photo of Barri  Marlatt, Victoria, BC lawyer for Brain Injuries, sexual assault, wills disputes and personal injury ICBC settlements, clic to photo of FERHAD SEAN AMIRI, JD fluent in Dari, Farsi, Persian, Pashto, Urdu, Hindi., office in Metropolis at Metrotown mall in Burnaby, BC click to his listing in Photo of Gordon Zenk, LLB personal injuyr, ICBC settlements lawyer, see his listing in Sandra Banister, QC experienced lawyer for personal injjury cases for brain injuriies, quadripelegia,  as well as employment law Canada INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW, Copyright · Trademark · Patent Law at Immigration lawyers in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal  serving clients from Asia, in  Mutliple languages e.g Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Farsi (Persian), Hindi, Punjabi etc. clcik to CanadaImmigration.Asia see explanation of new 2019 ICBC caps on juries - by  personal injury lawyers at Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt in Victoria BC go to Bruce Lemer, lawyer for Canada's largest product liability class action  in Canada's history, the tainted blood Red Cross case see overview on Canada class actions by Bruce Lemer click to his website human rights in the workplace lawyers - see Rose Keith, workplace lawyer info - click here Metro Vancouver criminal defense lawyers directory - click to Metro Vancouver, BC family lawyers directory - click to Lawyers BC click to Metro Vancouver business corporate and info technology lawyers directory at click to profile of Sorel Lienburd, business technology lawyer at Vancouver business directory click to Celine Alexandra Wong, experienced international business lawyer - see profile at click to  online source of the consolidated Acts and regulations of Canada. The consolidations are generally updated every two weeks. click to BC Canada's the Civil Resolution Tribunal. The British Columbia Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) is Canada's first online tribunal click to Supreme Court of Canada english version home page Canada government web site on counter terrorism immigrating from Asia to Canada? see lawyers fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi,  Urdhu, Farsi (Persian), French or German? click to CanadaImmigration.Asia click to - Carters is one of the leading firms in Canada in the area of charity and not-for-profit law. The focus of the lawyers at Carters is to provide their clients with effective legal risk management through ProActive Advice. Hong Kong courts web site click to introduction to US courts
map of world  with photos of UK Westminster Parliament Buildings, USA Capital Dome,  Canada Parliament Buildings, lawyers who speak English, Spanish, Italian, French, German,  Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Punjabi etc. who practice  in Canada / USA / UK in areas of law such as Civil and Criminal Case Law, Personal Injury, Employment  Law, Immigration  and Refugee law, arbitration, mediation, Intellectual Property / Trade Mark   Law, Business law and more -- CLICK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS


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